Day of Culture Past

Posted by Elissa Baltzer on October 10, 2011 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

(detail of some body painting I did during Culture Days Art x 9 event)

So Montreal Culture Days are over. It was great to see everyone who came out, to meet new artists and friends and to have participated in this event. I was fascinated by the way that the atritsts showing with me in the show expressed through their art what Montreal and life here means to them, what they are inspired by, what speaks to their hearts and how they translate that through their art in it's various media. It was challenging for me to express this same thing through my own work but was a great way for me to reflect on, and put into perspective what Montreal and living here and experiencing life here means to me....and then to put that into paint on canvas.

I had a great time painting on many of the kids and adults alike that came to see our show. It was also interesting  sitting in on some of the different workshops given by the other artists. As always i am reminded of how varied and fascinating everyones different skills and knowledge are.

A huge thank you to Studio BBG for hosting us. Nadia and her crew are fantasic and we all enjoyed our time there during Culture Days weekend. Thanks to our many local sponsors as well.

I look forward to future Culture Days and the creativity they bring!

Montreal Culture Days...A Little Something For Everyone

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(detail from "Spirit of the City")

Montreal Culture Days 2011

So here in the beautiful city of Montreal in slightly less than 2 weeks our Culture Days 2011 will take place. Les Journées de la culture is comprised of several hundred amazing, fun free events happening all over Montreal. This is a celebration of the artistic and cultural abundance in the City and Culture Days are going on country wide. So much to see, do and experience.

I will be participating in an activity called Art x 9. This event includes myself and 7 other Montreal based artists who have made works celebrating life and art as we see it in the context of Montreal. From the 30th of Sepetember to the 2nd of October join us at Studio BBG for demos and workshops (Screenwriting, Bodrahn Playing, Face Painting, Jewelry Demos and more).

My piece for this show is a textured acrylic work inspired by the architecture of the City.This piece represents the way that upon leaving our homes we are imersed in the culture of Quebec and it's art as soon as we step out the door as it exisits all around us. A wrought iron spiral staircase, typical of Montreal, winds down to street level from a beautiful brick facade, stained glass windows, with fleur de lys motifs look out over the street. Gardens with Tiger Lillies explode into life around the stairwell. The side walk is covered in chalk drawings of different coloured hand prints representing the cultural diversity that blesses the cith and amidst all of those hands is the Fleur de Lys again. Underneath it all on the bottom panel lies the Spirit of The City uniting the whole, sending living shoots up throught the cracks in the sidewalk, full of patience and mystery, only this connected being knows all of the secrets that this city has to offer.

This piece differs from my regular work in that I am usually working much larger and the theme of my work is usually much more mythological with a lot more texture. I seldom do city scapes of any sort as i am inspired by the truly natural world. This was a challenge for me in that I had to find someway to meld the to so that the piece would speak from my heart and also convey what it is for me to live here and how I am affected by the Art and Culture of this city.

The Vernissage for this event is September 30th 2011. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Adventures in Face and Body Painting

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(Fantastic model Hala Peno wearing my Spiderwoman of the Enchanted Forest design @ Open Mind 2011)

So on top of my art on canvases I also create wearable art on people. I love the interactiveness and ephemeral nature of creating this way. I enjoy working with different people, creating personalized designs and seeing my art walk off with the person wearing it so that it can be seen by other people.

Yesterday I face painted at a child's birthday party. I love seeing how excited the kids get when they see themselves in a mirror for the first time after they've been painted.Magical transformations into all kinds of new things are my specialty.  And as one of the parents pointed out it's not just every day that you get to see a little 3 eyed zombie having lunch with a bunch of beautiful butterflies.

I feel really lucky to be able to do what I do as it takes me to all kinds of interesting locations, I meet lots of really great people and create works of art that I might never have made otherwise had those conditions never presented themselves.

(Some of my kit set up for a fundraiser for Gaia Gathering National Pagan Conference 2011)

I recently competed in my first Body Painting Competition at the Open Mind Festival hosted by The Art of April-Anna . I really enjoyed the process I had a fantastic model and learned a lot...and I managed to win second in the Professional Category. It was a great experience and so much fun to be painting and creating with so many other great artists at the same time. 

As time goes on I am always learning and broadening my understanding of the Body and Face Painting community that I am part of and also the possibility of what I can create. I  wonder what's next ?

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