Illustration and Design at Dawson College

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A study of different styles of line work for my Materials 1 2D in many different universes....

I started the Illustration and Design Program at Dawson this year! I figured this would give me a chance to learn somethings I didn'T already know and polish up some of the things I do know and maybe learn some suprising new things on the way. So far I've really been enjoying the program and I think all of the above things have already happened and will continue to do so. The really great thing about being at school is that it's allowed me to explore other ways of working that I either wouldn't have had time to do in the past, or maybe wouldn't have thought to do; like exporing making patterens and texture with tape for instance. Learning Photoshop has been both rewarding and very challenging so far as I've never worked with it until this year and everything is pretty new to me. Slowly but surely though I can see that I'm retaining more and more of the things I need to know....maybe someday i'll even be really good at it.
Being a student again generally has been a learning curve in it's own right as it's been quite a long time since I studied and went to school. My brain is adapting as am I with a lifestyle that has done a full 180 from being work oriented to having learning become my job in an institution I used to work for as a life model. Its both familiar and new at the same time.

Green House garden at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal. One of the many observation drawings I am doing in my sketchbook for homework per week for my Presentation Design class.

Music In the Pines 2015

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Fly Algaric and Sickener Mushrooms found in the woods at the WHispering Pines

Freslhy back from 6 lovely days at Music in the pInes for my fourth time showing at this fest, my second time attending and first time manning the Art Gallery!! It was lovely as always this Fest Family is so beautiful with it's tea garden full of wild Fairies and beautiful fires by the main stage. The wide diversity of Music to appeal to all tastes is always impressive too, and one can never go wrong with drumming and dancing around a fire til the birds start to sing and the sun comes up. It was so nice to reconnect with Fest goers from the past and to meet new ones as well. I am always so impressed at how The festival organizers and Volunteer Fest crew make this beautiful gatheing of Friends, family and like minded souls happen through dedication and love each year.

Bee Studies done in the Gallery in a few peaceful moments on a warm day mid-fest

This year was beautiful in that there were a number of ceremonies and blessings done by people representing a besutifully diverse set of different Spiritual paths and backgrounds. It was a blessing to be present for this and I was deeply touched to have been able to participate in these ceremonies and to see the beautiful interworking, respect, love and co-operation between different paths.

Naked Sky playing Thursday night at Music in the Pines on the main Stage(plus a fantastic fire by Justin the Fire Keeper)

And of course who could forget the music. Above is a sketch of  Naked Sky one of the many bands who entertained the fest Family at the Pines over the course of the past week. Many thanks to all who sang, danced, and worked hard to make this fest the sucess it was. It's always fantastic to be back on the land at the Whispering Pines even more so while Music in the Pines is happening there. ( I had such a great time I forgot to take any photos! ;) The above sketches are my visual record of this.)

Urban Sketching again!

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So the sun is out, the weather is (generally) nice here in Montreal and I am Urban sketching again! It feels good to be  back out observing the city in new ways and documenting moments of my experience here as I go, one sketch at a time! This sketching extravaganza began on the 1st of May with a couple of my friends while we set out on what was one of the nicest days of the season to date to capture some of the beaty of Carré St Louis close to sherbrooke Metro. I decided to work on Mylar with gel pens, micron pens, watercolour and illustration marker that day after having seen some fun work on Mylar in one of the CEGEPs I work at. This is currently a work in progress as I plan to continue with a bit more definition on the fountain and then go on the backside of the semi translucent Mylar and sketch some trees in to play around with perpective and distance. We'll see how it turns out.

The second recent outing was a beautiful windy Sunday on Mount Royal with the Urban Sketchers. I got to be a Mountain drawing "docent" for one of the sites we were animating as a group. In the morning a bunch of us went to the stables and sketched the police horses that live there (I also found some other wild life to draw). Here is the page from the morning sketching. In the afternoon i gave some mini drawing lessons to a couple of first time urban sketching members of our group while we sketched in the cemetary. It was my first time there and I fully plan to go back so I can properly have another go at sketching the beautiful history sprawled out over the hillside there.

Lastly but not least I also had a go at the front garden while the Magnolias were still in bloom here is the result of that (it should be noted that a pedestrian who stopped to chat actually unrealisingly pulled one of the blooms I was drawing off of the tree while we talked-urban sketching is often a bit of an ephemeral adventure). This piece was fun to do as it gave me a chance ot really observe the garden in a way i previously had not. In turn while showing the sketches to my sister, who is a biologist, she explained things to me like why the ants were munching on the peony blooms and what kind of beetles were mating on the lily plant and that they evetually would eat most of the leaves off of that plant as the season wore on. 

Later in the Summer France awaits and I am really excited to sketching there. Who knows what may be inspiring! Happy Spring and happy sketching all!

Happy 2015!

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Wishing you all a beautiful year ahead, full of  love mystery magic and blessings. May wonder and beauty be waiting for you around every corner. May creativity and laughter find you where they will. Thanks so much for all of your support over the last year! You are all lovely! :) Blessings, Elissa

Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!

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From my heart and studio to you and yours, wherever this may find you, may the end of your 2014 be full of blessings and beautiful moments. See you in the New Year!

Fall Fun Print Making

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This Fall I have started taking a Printmaking class here in Montreal. Print Making is an artform that I have had a long abiding love of and years away from it has apparently not dulled that one bit. I love the process in all of its mysteriousness where you don't actually see the real process of creation happening because whatever you are printing with and the paper come face to face and the grand reveal only happens when you peel them apart. In most other art forms it is more direct; you are seeing exactly what you are creating as you paint, or draw it onto paper or sculpt it into being. With this art form only once the paper and the plate have been carefully peeled apart do you finally get to see the end result. There is something truly exciting about this, like opening a present, each time a new printed image reveals itself. Below are a few of the images I have created over the past few weeks using various techniques. Next week we head of into Lino Cut printing and I can't wait! There is also something very direct in this process for me which ends up translating into a very immediate interpretation of the season around me. All of the prints below are Autumn inspired.

'Autumn Labyrinth'

'Death Beetle'

'Ginkos in Flight'

Happy Equinox! Joyeux Equinox!

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The TARDIS at the Westmount Library

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'The Young Doctor at The Westmount Library' watercolour and Micron Pens

This piece was the result of a fun afternoon of sketching and painting at the Westmount Public Library yesterday. There is a TARDIS (from the Dr Who series) just at the bottom of the stairs before you head into the chilfdren's book section on the Library(and as an added plus there were folding chairs really close by too!). The library staff were really helpful and kept peeking at the progress of the piece as they went by. I managed to sketch a couple of them in my drawing as well. At the start of the time I was working on this piece there was a little boy playing in the Tardis so i sketched him in loosely and turned him into a young Doctor. As a Dr Who fan I can only say that this was a lot of fun to work on since it's not just every day that you get to sketch one of these live! Also I've decided that travelling by Tardis is really the only way to get library books from here on in it's going to save me a ton of transit time! ;)

The Journey Into Imagination workshops continue!

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(photo credit: Dilek Ayman. Workshop @ le Milieu)
In August on the 22nd from 6-9pm I will be giving another Journey into Imagination workshop. So far this has been a fun journey with all of the participants and it's a total joy seeing what meanders out of my participatnts imaginations and onto their pages as we work. If you are free that evening come join us at" target="_blank">co-op Le Milieu for a fun eveining and discover what is in your imagination as we make our way through a mixed media creative discovery process.
Bring your lovely self and your sketchbooks/watercolours and micron pens if you have them, otherwise materials will be provided. Looking forward to creating with you then!" target="_blank">Please check out the face book event here!

Au mois d'aout, le 22 de 18h-21h mon serie d'ateliers Voyageryer dans l'imaginaire aura lieu encore au" target="_blank">co-op le Milieu. On y passera une belle soirée en train de voir ce qui se cache dans nos imaginations. Un voyage mixte-média ce fut toujours un plaisir de voir ce qui se presente lorsqu'on se laisse aller dans l'imaginare. Souvent ca resulte dans les oeuvers fascinant et le rencontre d'une partie de chez soi qu'on ne voit pas a tous les jours! Venez passer une soirée le fun avec nous pour cette procesus de découverte créative mixte-média.

Vous avez qu'à aporter vous meme, vos carmet de croquis et kit d'aquarelle si vous en avez et des stylos microns aussi. Si jamais vous avez pas de matériaux ca serrait fourni! Au plaisir de céer ensemble!" target="_blank">Vous pouvez visiter l'evenemnt Facebook ici!

Sketching at the Biodome!

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So yesterday the Urban Sketchers Montreal Group went to the beautiful Botanical gardens here in Montreal. I ALMOST made it that far! ;) Instead I got waylaid with a friend sketcher at the Naturalia discovery area in the basement of the Biodome and had a fantastic time sketching this parrot (a Macaw i think). There are still many more things i want to sketch there so I will definitely be heading back that way again soon!

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