Seasons of the Greenman Seasons of the Greenman Vernal Greenman Acrylic on canvas (textured) 36" x 18" 2010 115112391 Dormant Greenman Acrylic on Canvas (textured) 40" x 24" 2011 127505927 Spring Greenman Acrylic on Canvas (textured) 12" 2011 127505926 Protector of the Woods Acrylic on Canvas (textured) 10" 2011 148715912 Protector of the Woods This is a "behind the scenes" shot earlier on in the process before the paint went down.... 148715914 The Spirit of the City (Detail) This is the bottom Panel of a piece I did for Culture Days in 2011. 148715915 The Greenman of High Summer Acrylic on canvas (textured), 36" x 18", 2013. A celebration of the fullest point of summer when everything is in bloom and fruit and the dance of nature is in full swing. This piece completes the seasons of the Greenman 176692474